Audio Books

Many people don’t have time to read. They are either busy with work, school, or other things that they have to do. They may not have enough free time to be able to read as many books as they want. If there was only a way, for you to be able to continue to do those things, and listen to your favorite stories or books at the same time. Well, there is an app called, Audio Books by Audiobooks. This free, easy to use app allows you to continue doing the same tasks that you normally do, while allowing you to listen to a variety of many different stories or books.

All you have to do is download this free app from the App Store & on Google Play, and you can listen to thousands of books. There are many different genres and categories of books available. Whether they are best sellers, classics or award-winners, you can listen to them on this app in your free time or when you are on the go.

In an article written by Denise Drespling, 9 Benefits of Audiobooks, she explains how audiobooks are a great alternative for actually reading the book. To summarize this article she states that audio books are highly entertaining and help the reader/listener understand the book easier. Often times, individuals prefer listening to a story being read so that they can listen to the story from either the author/readers point of view. Another benefit is that you can do other things while listening to a audiobook. Whether you are driving, crafting or taking care of your child, you can have the audiobook playing in the background allowing you to understand the story without actually focusing on reading it. It can also allow you to visually picture the story. If you are driving, this helps make time go by faster, as well as it makes the drive more fun. Another benefit, is that you can enjoy the book with others around you. You all can listen to the book, and understand it together. One of the greatest benefits about an audiobook, is that most of the books are free of charge to listen too, or cost no more than $15. These are all benefits that allow individuals to be able to listen to audiobooks, especially when they don’t have enough free time to actually sit down and read a book.

3589268509_edcdaaa59b_cPhoto credit: <a href=””>RafeB</a&gt; via <a href=””>Visualhunt</a&gt; / <a href=””&gt; CC BY-NC-SA</a>

In another article written by Thanh Pham, 7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Audiobooks, he explains how he still prefers to actually read a book if he has the time, but if he doesn’t, then audiobooks are a great alternative. He lists seven reasons as to why he enjoys audiobooks. One of the reasons is that individuals prefer audio over test. It helps you retain the information/content that is being shared with you easier as well. It saves you time as well, because you don’t have to set out time to sit down and actually read the book. Another reason is that if you happen to listen to inspirational quotes or podcasts, it can improve your mental state of being. Its also convenient and effective. All you need is your phone or tablet, and you can take the audiobooks with you on the go.

Technology nowadays is crazy. Many people have listened to at least one audiobook, in there lives. If not a book, they have listened to podcasts. The first time I ever listened to an audiobook was when I was in middle school. I never really liked reading, so when I went to the library, the librarian suggested I get both the book and audio. I could either just read the book, listen to the book or do both. I often used to play the audiobook, and read along with it. This helped me not only understand the content and information given off better but it allowed me to get a different point of view of the story. The different voices for characters helped me distinguish between the different characters, and I enjoyed listening to the audio. It got to the point that when I wanted a book, I would always look for the audio version of it. Sometimes, the audio version wouldn’t be available, so I would have to read it. But when it was available it allowed me to get a visual of what I was listening to. I could listen to the story and then picture it as a movie in my head. This helped me understand what I was reading. Whenever I would read a story or book after that, I would take time to picture it in my head, which took longer than just listening to it. I prefer listening to the studio version of a book than actually spending time and reading the book.


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